My-anmar , thank you Sunsilk Malaysia <3

Dear Sunsilk,

A year ago, I wouldn’t have thought going to Yangon & Bagan on an all-expenses paid trip  but Sunsilk, you are gold ❤

Flew on Malaysia Airlines (not Business but still as good) and watched two movies cos flight was delayed by an hour and we were on board.

That didn’t matter cos as soon as I checked into Park Royal Yangon, the room was ah-mazing and the bed was as comfy as my Ugg boots. Thank you Park Royal Yangon ❤

Park Royal Yangon is located  in the heart of the city set amidst the country’s rich cultural heritage. Went for a walk to the cafe about seven (7) minutes walk from the hotel.

Babett, Yangon A quiet cafe about seven (7) minutes from Park Royal Yangon. It was a hot and humid day and all i needed was latte and maybe a light snack.

seafood pasta i know i should avoid all crustacean but i was craving for a plate of gatal seafood. i suffered tremendously later in the night. Padan muka.[/caption]<

if you’re in Yangon, I highly recommend Babette Eater & Bar.

..and of course i decided to go exploring and got lost at the tracks.

I think it was a train station but couldnt tell cos there wasn’t a ticket counter. Maybe this was the hidden gem 💎 travellers kept on talking about.

Next stop, Bagan! Can’t wait 😍

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