God won’t give you nothing you can’t handle..even after an oophorectomy.

they say if you want your life to change, run a marathon. And they were right.

The day started off just right with me getting locked out of the airport cos apparently domestic airports (and International airports) of some third World countries has this weird policy that passengers arent allowed into the airport two hours before the first flight out. So weird🤔

So here we are.. arrived at the hotel at 9:00 am. Lovin the hotel and the pool views be like! Thank you Sunsilk, lovin the hotel location and the food is so yums and went everywhere with the e-bike and bicycle.

I must have done something right cos out of the forty people or so who stayed in the hotel, I was the lucky few to get a pool view room🧘🏼‍♀️ so much zen in me (at that moment) slept the whole afternoon.

Got a room with twin beds but i needed just one bed anyway but just couldn’t figure out the distance between the bed and the TV. my eyesight just couldnt see that far.

Pool views be like♥️

The room looked nothing like this after the second day 😂

I guess you get some and you win some. Sometimes life does not work like you wish it would but then you #zalyazidwin and everything just fits right into place and you meet the right company.

Next post, the race kit collection.

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