Bagan exploring

Feels surreal that I’m in Bagan again. This time, at a so much better hotel with a pool💕 here’s a view of the hotel front when i arrived. The room wasn’t ready so i decided to go exploring with my trusted bike I named Sebastian 🚲

This girl’s Dad owns the bike and ebike business opposite the hotel. Little girl has Thanaka on her face. Thanaka powder is used for women and men in Myanmar to get rid of excess oil and for sunburn.

first stop: My Friends Restaurant and Cafe. About ten minutes ride from the hotel. Ordered the hot and sour fish soup but got myself prison food instead. Not recommended❌

Got back to the hotel and got my race kit. Thank you Nini for the photo with me. Thank you Sunsilk for the sponsorship. You are gold 🔱

What came in the race kit was a book on life changing adventures of the five major marathons organised by Albatros Adventure.a tshirt for the run.


Someone said to me I should write more on Bagan and how Bagan makes me feel. I was in Bagan in February 2016, I was heartbroken and I just needed to leave the country. But this time, it was different.

It’s liberating!

I say I don’t have time or I’m too busy with work but I feel that I’m happiest when I’m traveling, solo or with friends.

There are so many things we wish to do but we can’t, for multiple reasons. When you travel alone, you could be that someone you always wished for.


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