March 2020

It’s only Q1 of 2020 but I really feel like this year should end already. So much has happened not only at home but in Australia, Philippines, Indonesia 🇮🇩, Korea, Japan.

We lost animals, people lost their homes, Australia lost 12 million acres of land to the bushfire . Either Mother Nature is angry or we did something really, really wrong to piss the Gods.

And then there’s the COVID-19 we know nothing about except that its deadly. A piece of advice though, touch nothing not even yourself, drink up your vitamin C and always make sure you have enough food at home in case you need to be self-quarantined. And here’s a guide on How to know if you need to stay away from people :

With all that’s going on, focus on yourself, give yourself a bath and always find time for a shut eye- Alex, 6 years old Tabby Cat adopted from Paws Malaysia in 2014

2 thoughts on “March 2020

  1. Ali

    Complete 24 hour curfew here in Saudi Arabia
    We celebrate Eid at home looking at each other and sending and receiving congrats over social media.



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