Things to do in 2011/2012


Did some early spring cleaning today and found my travel journal from 2011.

I’ve been to 4/5. Challenge accepted travel journal of 2011, maybe Italy 🇮🇹 is not a bad idea after all. All I need is a trust fund and maybe a bank while we’re at it.

There were some notes I scribbled from the India trip. Emails from a group of boys; one of them took maybe a bit of a liking for me and followed me and the girls everywhere🙄 (He’s now married to a nice Indian Jaipurean chick so all good 😂)

Some notes from Old Goa:

We went to Church of St. Francis of Assisi and Basilica of Bom Jesus ( God bless his Soul).

Maybe I should write a proper post of India 🇮🇳 2011.

Dirt from all the travels



“Not everything is supposed to become something beautiful and long-lasting. Sometimes people come into your life to show you what is right and what is wrong, to show you who you can be, to teach you to love yourself, to make you feel better for a little while, or to just be someone you walk with at night and spill your life to. Not everyone is going to stay forever, and we still have to keep on going and thank them for what they’ve given us.”

Best of 2017


Not entirely a bad year so here’s one of my best videos of 2017.


I’ve always wanted to stand up paddle-board. I read that Stand Up paddling is the most chilled out sport of all board sports. Boy, were they wrong! Nothing chilled about this sport.

The board looks light but it’s actually heavy and I struggled to carry it into the water.

..but I did eventually. (As you can see in the muted video cos I sound very annoying when i’m panicky🤮)

I think if I learn how to paddle with the right technique, I might get the hang of it. So here’s my #1 resolution for this year (and in writing)

1. To take up SUP (Stand Up Paddle-boarding)

The writer is not WUI. (writing under-influence) She will make this happen.

Welcoming 2018


2017 has given me so much life lessons; falling into depression (tho not clinically diagnosed), falling out of love/like, failing at friendship and so on but then again it’s just another year, and I am grateful and blessed because I am still alive and breathing after all of the bullshit that the year brought me.

There were days when I dealt with hangovers. With headaches. With post-surgery trauma. With unanswered texts and canceled plans. With broken hearts.

But you know what they say,

“What doesn’t hurt you only makes you stronger.”


And you will continue to grow.

Going into 2018, I know what kind of toxic people I should keep far away from. I’ve learned so much about myself; what I like and don’t like, who I’d spend my time with, what I want in life and how bad I want abs. (I mean abs are good but dayumn, donuts 🍩).

I’ve also realised if I don’t take a major leap next year, I’d die of the ‘stagnant syndrome’.

So here’s to 2018.

Hope you have a safe New Year’s Eve celebration and if you’re drinking tonight, Uber home.

Start 2018 with a bang 💥

Bagan exploring


Feels surreal that I’m in Bagan again. This time, at a so much better hotel with a pool💕 here’s a view of the hotel front when i arrived. The room wasn’t ready so i decided to go exploring with my trusted bike I named Sebastian 🚲

This girl’s Dad owns the bike and ebike business opposite the hotel. Little girl has Thanaka on her face. Thanaka powder is used for women and men in Myanmar to get rid of excess oil and for sunburn.

first stop: My Friends Restaurant and Cafe. About ten minutes ride from the hotel. Ordered the hot and sour fish soup but got myself prison food instead. Not recommended❌

Got back to the hotel and got my race kit. Thank you Nini for the photo with me. Thank you Sunsilk for the sponsorship. You are gold 🔱

What came in the race kit was a book on life changing adventures of the five major marathons organised by Albatros Adventure.a tshirt for the run.


Someone said to me I should write more on Bagan and how Bagan makes me feel. I was in Bagan in February 2016, I was heartbroken and I just needed to leave the country. But this time, it was different.

It’s liberating!

I say I don’t have time or I’m too busy with work but I feel that I’m happiest when I’m traveling, solo or with friends.

There are so many things we wish to do but we can’t, for multiple reasons. When you travel alone, you could be that someone you always wished for.


journey to my favourite ancient town 🏜


Just read an inspiring story by a Malaysian celebrity trekking the Everest Base Camp ⛺️ not even close to what I’m attempting to do but Bagan Temple Marathon has always been close to my heart since I was in Bagan in February 2016.

Golden Myanmar Airlines direct flight from Yangon to Bagan takes two hours and thirty minutes.< img src=”; class=”wp-image-100 size-thumbnail” height=”3024″ alt=”Yangon Domestic Departure Hall is meh. There’s Gloria Jeans, a Duty Free Shop selling local goods (i think) and the toilet fits one of me. Not impressed” width=”4032″>< img src=”; class=”wp-image-101 size-thumbnail” height=”1136″ alt=”Not impressed but impressed face. ” width=”638″> Put on my cycling jersey before I got to Bagan. That material feels like being in a sauna. Wrong airplane ootd.

Finally, what seemed like an eternity! We took off at 6:45a.m. Got the window seat this time. Got to see the cotton candy clouds while having a light snack by Golden Myanmar Airlines 🍱

One more sleep/shut eye before I get to my favourite ancient town after Hue🏯

My-anmar , thank you Sunsilk Malaysia <3


Dear Sunsilk,

A year ago, I wouldn’t have thought going to Yangon & Bagan on an all-expenses paid trip  but Sunsilk, you are gold ❤

Flew on Malaysia Airlines (not Business but still as good) and watched two movies cos flight was delayed by an hour and we were on board.

That didn’t matter cos as soon as I checked into Park Royal Yangon, the room was ah-mazing and the bed was as comfy as my Ugg boots. Thank you Park Royal Yangon ❤

Park Royal Yangon is located  in the heart of the city set amidst the country’s rich cultural heritage. Went for a walk to the cafe about seven (7) minutes walk from the hotel.

Babett, Yangon A quiet cafe about seven (7) minutes from Park Royal Yangon. It was a hot and humid day and all i needed was latte and maybe a light snack.

seafood pasta i know i should avoid all crustacean but i was craving for a plate of gatal seafood. i suffered tremendously later in the night. Padan muka.[/caption]<

if you’re in Yangon, I highly recommend Babette Eater & Bar.

..and of course i decided to go exploring and got lost at the tracks.

I think it was a train station but couldnt tell cos there wasn’t a ticket counter. Maybe this was the hidden gem 💎 travellers kept on talking about.

Next stop, Bagan! Can’t wait 😍